Time is priceless and you expect results. Ideas happen all the time and they need execution – a matter of life and death: inspiration worths silver, execution worths gold.

Quality and consistency are mandatory while executing your ideas. It’s time to call for reinforcements and stand yourself up to your purposes on pursuing your goals.

  • CHOOSE services below.
  • DEFINE your goals.
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  • CHECK results.
  • CONQUER your goals.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business executive, speaker, scholar or writer – or someone with larger purposes who needs extra help, ease your projects hiring a strategic ally.

Meet the services:




Stay focused on your ideas and let the MERC WRITER do the dirty job:

  • Content production for portals, columns and social networks.
  • Copywriting, ghostwriting, content marketing and miscellaneous articles.




Ensure the final quality of your work with a second look from the PRIVATE EDITOR:

  • Proof-reading review and translation of written content (Portuguese / Spanish).
  • Publishing of projects; feasibility, agenda and organization.



Reduce your costs and call the VIRTUAL ANALYST to deliver that report:

  • Analysis of information to support decision making.
  • Creation of reports, presentations and institutional / corporate materials.


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